Membuat website hanya drag and drop

Incomedia WebSite X5 – a full program for creating web-sites, a few steps you can create and publish professional web sites and online shops. Does not require knowledge of programming, it has more than 1000 templates ready web sites, easy to use, compared to other programs for the visual saytostroitelstvu. Sites created in this program are compatible with most Internet browsers, may be screened for mobile phones and indexed by search engines. Program available to users who need simple and quick to establish its own web site or web gallery. Businessmen can use the program for professional creation of corporate web sites or online stores. This program has no restrictions on the number of generated pages and web sites. Includes editor to create e-mail forms, embedded graphic editor, the editor to create three-dimensional buttons, FTP-engine ready for publishing sites on the Internet, a tool for creating RSS-feeds and much more.


– The program does not require knowledge of programming
– Easy use
– Create your site in five steps
– More than 1000 ready templates
– Creating your own templates
– Creating a form to send an e-mail from the site
– Creation of RSS-feeds
– Creating a diverse menu of a site (static, dynamic, vypadayuschihi etc.)
– Built in image editor for quick editing graphics of your web page
– Tool color dropper
– Preparation of the pages using the \ “Drag and Drop \”
– Creating a photo gallery
– On demand, you can edit the HTML code of web pages
– Ability to create online shops
– Publication of a site on the Internet with the built-FTP-engine
– clustering of the project to your website
– Compatibility with XHTML and CSS standards
– Pleasant, comfortable and simple user interface




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