Failed to sync Gradle project

I am using Android studio 1.3.1 and getting this failed to sync Gradle project error :

Error:Unable to start the daemon process: could not reserve enough space for
object heap.            
Please assign more memory to Gradle in the project's file.
For example, the following line, in the file,
sets the  maximum Java heap size to 1,024 MB:

There is two method for fix this error :

(Method 1)

Step 1 : Open file in your Android Studio project.

Step 2 : Add this line at the end of the file

org.gradle.jvmargs=-XX:MaxHeapSize\=256m -Xmx256m Above methods seems to work but if in case it won’t then do this

(Method 2)

Step 1 : Start Android studio and close any open project (File > Close Project).

Step 2 : On Welcome window, Go to Configure > Settings.

Step 3 : Go to Build, Execution, Deployment > Compiler

Step 4 : Change Build process heap size (Mbytes) to 1024 and Additional build process to VM Options to -Xmx512m.

Step 5 : Close or Restart Android Studio.


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